Client History Statements

Many attorneys like to provide their clients with a history of a matter from time to time.   Every year our Interbill attorney customers order more History Statements for their clients.

In that history statement requests from Interbill attorney customers have gone from an average of 1 per attorney per quarter to over 10 per attorney per quarter in the last five years, we, at Interbill, have become interested in how client history statements are used and what benefits clients and attorneys see in being able to view a history of a matter from the beginning of the matter or from some point in time other than the current month.

Some of our attorney customers are ordering history statements as a matter of course when a matter is closed.  When asked why, they have said they feel the client appreciates the wrap-up and that it is good client relations.

Some attorneys provide history statements about every six month to again remind client’s of all the work that has been done so far.

Some clients ask for a history statement once in awhile and this seems to be the major growth in history statement volume.  Once the client learns history statements are available and form any point in time, they tend to ask for them more often.

In the minds of Interbill attorney customers, there is no doubt that they see a client relations benefit in being able to provide a matter history statement to the client when requested or at the close of a matter or at some predetermined period.

Interbill has programmed the ability for our attorney customers to be able to produce history statements on their own at any time and for any time period, with and without direct and trust payments.

For more information on how Interbill handles client or matter history statements, please send an email to or call 800.733.9933.

Phil Paisley

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