Security Confidentiality

47 Years of Experience Protecting Attorney Data

When it comes to your billing security and confidentiality, Interbill’s experience is critical. Interbill has processed 2.7 billion attorney billing transactions over 46 years with not even an alleged break in the data security and confidentiality we provide to our attorney customers.

When you entrust your data to Interbill you are choosing to provide the highest level of data security and confidentiality to your clients’ billing data.

One of the biggest problems with using digital data is that it can be copied, moved, changed or distorted in a number of ways that leave no trace. It doesn’t matter where the data is located. Digital data requires multiple levels of security to protect it.

Office walls provide little data protection in the digital age.

Elements of Data Security and Confidentiality

The elements of data security and confidentiality are data encryption combined with physical protections, procedural protections and access controlled redundant data centers. The object is to protect your data not only from casual and intentional hackers but also from natural disasters and physical intrusion.

Interbill’s Protections

Interbill stores your data in access controlled, redundant, secure and geographically distant data centers. Data is continually backed up between data centers.

Interbill uses 128-bit encryption to protect your data while it is in your database, as it is transmitted over the internet and as it is accessed via your computer. This means your data cannot be intercepted or deciphered by anyone. To ensure that your data is safe when you view it online, our website is VeriSign secured. VeriSign is the leading secure sockets layer (SSL) Certificate Authority enabling secure e-commerce and communications for websites, intranets, and extranets.

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