Outsourcing Essential Law Office Business Tasks

I recently read an ad for a paralegal in our little Northern California town of Mill Valley. Part-time paralegal wanted, must known QuickBooks (including payroll), Excel, Timeslips (attorney billing program), Lexus-Nexus and all normal paralegal duties. Three person office (including this part-time position).

Think about this for a moment. Not only has this office narrowed the search for a new employee almost impossibly but they have made their office business operations totally dependent upon staff.

Billing, for example, cannot be interrupted by personnel unavailability and turnover. Billing produces cash flow the essence of the sustainability of any business.

Now more than ever, good people will be hard to find and small law offices will need staff that is easy to train and replace. Clients are more and more sensitive about the costs of legal services.

Outsourcing to other US professionals is not a way of increasing costs it is a way of decreasing costs, guaranteeing results and making sure the latest billing and collection methods can be employed.

Interbill provides total outsourced billing. The only technology is being able to type your time, cost, payment, trust and retainer data in any word processing program and send those sheets by email to Interbill we do the rest. We create your prebills, your final bills, your reminder bills and we mail and email them. All current and history statements is available to you from your secure Interbill website.

With Interbill there is nothing to learn, no special skills, no programs, no dependence on special staff.

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Phil Paisley

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