Attorney Billing Software and Service

Customer Service and Assistance:

  • Live Customer Service: 5-minute response business hours. 30-minute response non-business hours.
  • Help Screens in program & at View Print – Individual Help subjects, Full User’s Manual.
  • Help Videos: and YouTube (search Interbill).

Data Retention:

  • History Statements 10 Years after matter closed.
  • All deleted data retained for 10 years after matter closed.
  • Trust/Retainer ledgers for 10 years after matter closed.

Data Backup, Ownership and Portability:

  • In addition to Interbill backups, you can back up all your data on your computer.
  • Average backup time 1 minutes per attorney per 20 years of data.
  • Backup can be used for data portability to other systems.
  • You can be reminded once a month to do a local back.


  • Regular Statements. Customizable formats.
  • Cumulative History Statements.
  • Reminder Billing Statements.
  • Invoices for any period for any set of charges.
  • Your logo on all statement types.

Emailing Statements:

  • From within program, fast and traceable. Email 60 clients in 5 minutes.

Emailing Statements from within Program:

  • You can send repetitive text emails to up to 50 clients at a time.


  • Collection Installment Billing (can be automated).
  • EverGreen Retainers – Bills Your Retainer Replenishment Amounts
  • Installment Retainer Billing.
  • Late payment charges and late payment charge forgiveness.


  • Change billing data before or after billing.
  • Recompute past bills.

Retainers and Trusts:

  • Minimum Trust/Retainer Balance alerts.
  • Trust and/or Retainer can both be on each Client account to pay All Charges or, Fees or Cost only.
  • Provides you with the Amount to transfer from Trust/Retainer to General Account.

User Access:

  • Seven different multiple user access permission from no fee amount access, to full access.

Entering Charges and Credits:

  • Multi-functional Log for entering all charges and credits.
  • Can make notations [in brackets] that do not appear on client statements. Available Jan 15, 2024.
  • For Users with permission, from Log can access Prebills, Historical Log Data in any sort.

Billing Reports:

  • General: Most Reports are available in PDF or CSV/Excel. You can manipulate data on CSV/Excel Reports.
  • Log Report: entries for by date range, for entry types, by client, by User. Multiple sorts.
  • Client Listings: Short, Full (All data), Email List, Phone List, Clients Rates by User List.
  • Client Payment Ledgers: By Data range with source of funds direct payment, Retainer/Trust.
  • Client Trust/Retainer Ledgers.
  • Trust and Retainer Balances Report: By date range, client summary balances and totals.
  • Trust/Retainer Transfer Report: Amount to transfer from Trust/Retainer Account to General Account.
  • Trust/Retainer Minimum Balance Alert: With on-the-spot retainer billing.
  • Accounts Receivable Summary Aged: Several sorting and display options.
  • Accounts Receivable Detail Report: Detailed Clients billing and payment histories by date range.
  • Installment Billing Control Report: Clients billed, paid and overdue payments.
  • Financial Report of Charges/Credits by Client for FTD/YTD: Any Date Range all clients or one.
  • User Productivity Report: Any date range listing fees per User/per month or per client.
  • Payment Allocation Report: User contribution to payments received. Any date range.
  • Practice Area Report: Hours, fees payments per practice area.
  • Unbilled Charges Report (aged).
  • Office Summary Report MTD and YTD Totals and Balances.
  • Custom reports from database can be constructed usually in 24 hours – usually no charge.

Additional Services:

  • We can enter data and operate Interbill for you. You just send data by email. Usually, $250 per month per attorney. Less if under 15 active clients.
  • You enter data but we do the rest for you including emailing statements, redrafts etc. Usually, $90 per month.
  • General Ledger Accounting w/ Tax Figure: Simple Integrated into IB. $75 a year (1 to 5 users). Schedule for release January 25, 2024.

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