Attorney Billing Software

Interbill’s mission is to provide Attorneys with the most cost effective and easiest methods to bill and get paid.

  • Various rate structures, by office, client, matter and activity.
  • Prebill editor to quickly view and/or edit entries in context.
  • Manual or Automatic transfer of trust and retainer money to pay statements.
  • Evergreen Retainer for collecting replenishment retainer amounts.
  • Installment Billing.
  • Recurring monthly charges and credits.
  • Integrated Statement Emailing.
  • History Statements.
  • Overdue Reminder Statements.
  • Full Financial Reporting.
Additional Features
Starting at

for up to 35 billed clients per month.

Please pay by Venmo® or Zelle®.

  • $1 per client thereafter.
  • Price guaranteed not to change for 3 years.

Your payment is one month at a time and your committment is one month.

Billing For Attorneys For 47 Years

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