Credit card use to pay legal fees is diminishing

If you have been relying on client credit card payments to pay for your legal services, you know credit card use is down. The rules have changed to make credit cards use much less attractive to credit card companies, banks and your clients. In general, your clients have lower lines of credit and fewer credit cards and are less interested in using their credit cards. You are also going to find that the merchant charges you pay to accept credit card payments are going up fast. Debit card use exceeded credit card use about 18 months ago. Since then debit card use has continued to grow and credit card use has continued to shrink. That is not helpful if you have been relying on credit cards to finance your legal fees. You are going to have to develop new methods. To that end Interbill started PayPlan in 2010 to help lawyers and their clients structure payment plans without the help of credit cards or finance companies.

Phil Paisley

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