For Mac, iPad and iPhone Users

If you are a Mac user, Interbill is aware that more lawyers use Apple products than people in the general population and we are working fast to convert all of our systems to make them Apple product compatible. Our Web Timesheets is and you may want to try that. We are also developing our lawyers…

Credit card use to pay legal fees is diminishing

If you have been relying on client credit card payments to pay for your legal services, you know credit card use is down. The rules have changed to make credit cards use much less attractive to credit card companies, banks and your clients. In general, your clients have lower lines of credit and fewer credit…

2.5 Billion Lawyer Billing Transactions

Interbill just passed the 2.5 billion lawyer billing transactions processed mark. We might never be the McDonalds of lawyer billing transactions, but we we have handled a lot of lawyer billing transactions and without any data problems.

Using Contract Lawyers and Paralegals

Many law offices use contract lawyers and paralegals to assist on one or more matters. Interbill has taken note of this new trend and has incorporated contract lawyers and paralegals into our billing system so a contract lawyer or paralegal can work on one or more matters using our online web timesheets and have their…

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