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Interbill's Attorney Billing History

Interbill® is a privately held California Corporation in good standing that started business as ProData Corporation in 1972.

In 1998, ProData Corp became Interbill Corp to identify our business with the internet. We have developed from using the internet for rapid statement and financial report delivery to simple data entry to our current systems which include full-featured internet based attorney billing software that can be accessed from any computing device (shortly to include mobile computing devices) at any time.

Mission Statement

Attorney Billing is about communicating value and getting paid. Interbill’s mission is to provide the most cash flow effective billing software methods available and to make them as easy to use as possible. Interbill is committed to providing experienced, immediately available customer service support.

Phil Paisley

Bob Furay
Vice President


Interbill is located in Northern California, 30 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Interbill Corporation
5810 Commerce Blvd.
Rohnert Park, CA. 94928

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Call Us: 707-584-9430
Toll Free: 800-733-9933
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Interbill is a California Corporation with all operations in the United States subject to all US and California Laws.