A Law Office Billing Statement that Looks Like a Billing Statement

In other blogs, I have suggested several formatting ideas that help legal statements look like bills and may even help attorneys get paid faster and more consistently.

I have not yet mentioned upper case printing on statements. Many clients associate upper/lower (mixed) case printing with letters and other documents but not with statements which they think of as printed in upper case printing.

You might try using upper case for your statements. When you combine upper case printing with the other things I have mentioned before like Statement and Balance Due Dates, Window Envelopes, Mail Back Payment Coupons and Return Envelopes–your legal bills should start to look like something that needs to be paid.

Interbill offers several billing formats that are designed for effective billing and payment communications. For more information please email info@interbill.com or phone 800.733.9933.

Phil Paisley

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